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Soft skills – the way to future proof your career against automation

Posted on 19/03/2019 10:03:00 AM by Admin in Company Culture, in Intergenerational workforce

Young man wearing futuristic glasses against blue background

I’m constantly irked when people say they hate technology and that we are better off living without it. It’s here to stay. And the best bet for surviving an automated future will be to join em’, not beat em’. But in this fast-changing employment landscape, recognising the soft skills required to future proof your career is critical.

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The 8 critical soft skill tips you need to make a good first impression

Posted on 13/03/2019 10:03:00 AM by Admin in first impression good

Successful businesswoman checking in a hotel and smiling

Meetings are high pressure for everyone. My first meeting ended in my boss excusing himself after I decided to make an icebreaker ‘dad joke’ and gesticulated so widely that I knocked over an entire pot of coffee onto a co-workers briefcase.

Back then I didn’t understand the power of soft skills to help make a good first impression – especially in important meetings.

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4 soft skill tips to asking for a raise

Posted on 05/03/2019 10:04:00 AM by Admin in pay rise

Difficult task perspective concept. Young slim woman carrying large heavy box on her back upstairs

Most of us are long overdue for a pay increase, but knowing that doesn’t mean that you will be game enough to sit down with your boss. Many of us simply don’t have the soft skills or know how to ask for a raise or negotiate a new salary.

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5 Critical tips for resolving conflict in the workplace

Posted on 04/03/2019 10:53:00 PM by Admin

The reality is that conflict is a part of life – especially in the workplace. Increasingly short deadlines, high pressure projects and the constantly increasing pace of business makes conflict more and more likely. Soft skills play a vital role in effectively resolving conflict at work.

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Why emotional intelligence is critical in the workplace

Posted on 04/03/2019 2:29:00 PM by Admin in EQ, in EI

There are good reasons why emotional intelligence is one of the most keenly sought-after soft skills. Increasingly, employers are recognising that employees and managers with high emotional intelligence have a profound influence over team and company performance.

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How successful presentation skills can change the course of your career

Posted on 04/03/2019 11:02:00 AM by Admin in Presentation Skills, in Soft Skills

 Business woman making a presentation at the office

They don’t call it dressing for success for nothing. Successful presentation skills and making the right impression are crucial in the workplace. They play a key role when it comes to trying to ace that job interview, but also for being taken seriously down the track.

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What are soft skills and why are they so important?

Posted on 03/03/2019 10:07:00 AM by Admin in Company Culture, in Soft Skills

Businesswoman looking at team of businesspeople in miniature 

These days getting and keeping a job involves more than just a great CV. You are going to need a range of diverse qualifications under your belt if you want to set yourself apart from all the others. This is why soft skills are so important.

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The 8 key skills that employers are crying out for

Posted on 02/03/2019 3:35:00 PM by Admin

Manager interviewing an employee in her office

If you had asked me five years ago about the key skills that employers are desperate for, I would have told you that someone who was is a super star coder, excellent copywriter, and front end web developer, with seven years experience in project management was the perfect vision of the ultimate employee. These days changes in the generational shape of the workforce, and the emergence of soft skills have made things a lot more interesting.

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How to use soft skills to improve your career growth

Posted on 02/03/2019 12:01:15 PM by Admin

Image of businessman with suitcase. Promotion concept

Getting ahead at work these days can be hard. The pressure is on in this rapidly advancing world of technology. And in such a competitive professional landscape we should be looking at how we can improve career growth and set ourselves apart. This is where soft skills can make a massive impact.

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Follow your passion and develop soft skills in 2019

Posted on 01/03/2019 12:41:28 PM by Admin in Emotional Intelligence, in real skills, in Soft Skills

 Rear view of businessman looking at sunset above city

In times past, a degree and professional skill set were all you needed to reach your work goals. Nowadays its different - productive working environments require a wide and vastly different mix of skills. In 2019, we think this mix will require passion, technical and experience-based skills, and well-developed soft skills.

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Vital skills for managing your intergenerational workforce

Posted on 01/03/2019 11:12:43 AM by Admin in Emotional Intelligence, in Company Culture, in Intergenerational workforce

It is now possible to have multiple generations working side by side within the same organisation - creating an intergenerational workforce of unsurpassed breadth. If you are managing an intergenerational workforce, you already know that this requires new skills and a very different approach.

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