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Follow your passion and develop soft skills in 2019

01/03/2019 12:41:28 PM

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In times past, a degree and professional skill set were all you needed to reach your work goals. Nowadays its different - productive working environments require a wide and vastly different mix of skills. In 2019, we think this mix will require passion, technical and experience-based skills, and well-developed soft skills.

Many of you won’t know what on earth I am talking about when I say soft skills. They are the less common, but extremely valuable assets to have.

So, what are they?

Think people skills; reading body language, being sensitive to other personality types, not speaking over teammates, being helpful and listening attentively. To name a few.

As technology grows so does the amount of the population that stay in the workforce—for several years longer—meaning more competition for you.

That’s why soft skills are so important to have—they set you apart from others. Businesses are seeking to employ people with better soft skills to access wider benefits in the workplace.

So how do we understand what soft skills are and what can we do to get them?

One way is to think of your work as how well you are doing it when working alone and in the company of others.

Focus on person-to-person skills like how to problem solve, work well as part of a team, communicate clearly and politely and manage time well.

Workers with good soft skills stand out from others who take the old fashioned approach of relying on only the technical and educational badges on their belt.

So why are soft skills important to finding your passion?

Because soft skills are people skills and people are your key to getting a foot in the door and keeping it there!

Being around people who are interested in the things you are passionate about is the key to making connections and getting that foot in the door. Using the right social (soft skills) to be likeable and approachable, will set you apart in this ever-changing industry!

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