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How to use soft skills to improve your career growth

02/03/2019 12:01:15 PM

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Getting ahead at work these days can be hard. The pressure is on in this rapidly advancing world of technology. And in such a competitive professional landscape we should be looking at how we can improve career growth and set ourselves apart. This is where soft skills can make a massive impact.

So, you are already highly skilled your industry - what more could you possibly need to know?

Well soft skills are actually completely different to what you probably know to be professional skills. They are the human skills that don’t come with your degree and that you won’t necessary get the chance to learn on the job.

I’m talking about things like being an active listener, having good communication skills, managing your time well and being a good leader. Sounds simple right? Well, not really.

Many people think that we naturally have these things. But the truth is that a lack of soft skills keep people sitting on average instead of reaching true success.

Dreaming about setting yourself on a new professional journey, but changing nothing about the way you work will get you nowhere! It’s time to adopt a new mentality and move forward.

Always late to meetings? Cut it out. One of the third most in demand soft skills is the ability to manage time and prioritise tasks according to importance. Work on memorising this mantra: early is on time!

The next thing that is guaranteed to improve career growth is learning to communicate well. This seems like a no-brainer but listening actively and making sure you let people finish making their point before speaking will get you far. When it is your turn, use manners, speak clearly, directly and politely.

Being versatile is a positive thing in any situation. Especially in this changing industry that will soon have more robots who cost much less and are more efficient at much of the tasks we are employed to do at the moment.

Adaptability is the second most sought after soft skill. Stay open to new ways of thinking and don’t shy away from a challenge. Try to make the most of resources like the internet and make guidelines and instruction manuals your friend.

Last but definitely not least, being a good problem solver is a must-have soft skill for anyone looking to progress their career quickly. Many tend to freak out in the face of a problem. Bumps in the road can really throw a spanner in the works when there is no one willing to take charge.

Your ability to think clearly and rationally to find out a solution to workplace problems will make you a valuable asset to any company and set you miles apart from your fellow employees.

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