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Growing up under a 1st generation owned business without Soft Skills

28/05/2018 6:29:12 PM

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Hear Dominic's account of growing up under a first generation owned business. 

I'll tell you a story about my Dad. A self made man - grew up in one of the poorest suburbs in Sydney, who rose from the deepest poverty, his net worth at the end of his life was about 1.25 million - around 3 million in today's money.

He built from scratch in Sydney (including the actual premises) a huge family home and a 3 division family business with international customers that included a manufacturing plant, a wholesale distribution warehouse and a retail shop.

My dad was a ball of energy and what he lacked in skills, he tried to make up for with sheer action.

His Management style was “my way or the highway - don't argue.” Customer Service was there, but minimal. His sales style was talk, talk, talk. And at that he succeeded. He was a charismatic man..

I trained in Accounting after school and worked as his in-house accountant for nearly 11 years.

We all desperately needed business communication skills, but above all, what constantly plagued our Manufacturing and Wholesale Divisions were Past Due and Bad Debts.

My Dad, God bless him, achieved what many men with his poor beginnings could never have achieved.

Yet we all always said that if Dad had only taken the time to train himself and us in the vital business communication skills that we all needed, especially him, we estimate his overall business volume and net worth could have been triple or even 5 times what it was.

The business communication/soft skills vital to our business were Leadership and Management Customer Service, Sales and Conflict Resolution and Difficult conversations.

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Dominic White
Written by Dominic White

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