Diversity Training

Our tailored Diversity Training courses are designed to promote respect, understanding and empathy between your staff and the broad range of culturally and sexually diverse groups and individuals that make up every company’s customers or local council community.

Our Diversity Training courses extend beyond the traditional CALD (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse) model to clearly explain the many critical aspects of diversity that ensure that your company or council can function internally and deal efficiently and empathetically with the communities that you serve.


Our diversity training programs cover physical disability, mental health issues, CALD, sexuality, location and socio-economic and indigenous diversity. We focus on the internal culture of the organisation, to ensure that participants fully understand that the Australian workplace has changed. This is especially important in organisations with large cohorts of older staff and local governments where workforces with an average age of 52 are common.

It is now essential that new and long-standing employees can demonstrate an active working understanding of -

· Workplace harassment and bullying

· How to work in a diverse workplace

· Gender equality and the treatment of different groups in the workforce,

· The impact and effects of discrimination upon the individual and the organisation

Learning outcomes include:

·  An understanding of all the types of diversity that occur in their workplace and community

·  An understanding of how to communicate with the many forms of diversity

·  A clear understanding of how to treat other diversities in the community

·  A self-awareness about one’s own attitudes, behaviours and how these may have formed.

We can tailor a Diversity Training course to meet your special needs and goals. To find out more about how we can help your organisation take full advantage of the skills and perspectives of your diverse internal and customer communities, complete the contact form and we will call you to discuss your specific situation and requirements.

All our courses can be turned into Tailored Programs!