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At the Australian Institute of Soft Skills Training (AISS Training), we understand the value of great communication skills.

We put the human back into human-communications skills training. Hands-on, practical, soft skills training that provides Real Skills for Real People.

Debt Collection

Credit Control

Credit Control / Debt Collection takes great soft skills to maintain good client relationships while having your invoices paid.


Customer Service-AISS

Customer Service

It's a customer-centric world, Customer Service is the key to a long-term customer relationship. Trained staff are the key to keeping customers happy.    


Strategic Thinking.

Strategic Thinking 

In today's business landscape with the rise of AI and automation, the greatest protection an individual or a company can have is the ability to strategically think.

Interview Skills - AISS Training

Interview Skills

How you present at an interview is far more important than your qualifications. Employers are looking for excellent soft skills. 


 Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

Fear of conflict leads to more conflict. Having the soft skills to tackle difficult conversations at its source leads to a healthier, more productive workplace.  


Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional Intelligence 

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they can use that knowledge within their own workplace - or to forward their career. 

Leader and Management - Large-1

Leadership and Management 

Leadership and Management are not the same things. It takes great soft skills to be an  effective


Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Future proof your career as this skill cannot be automated and human engagement is what drives innovation and sales!  



Communication Skills - AISS Training

 Communication Skills

Being customer-centric no matter what your business is now key to success. Even with the rise of technology, these skills are not only valid but are in more demand than ever.

Tailored Training with AISS Training

Tailored Training

Sometimes it’s important to do things in-house. Whether it be team-building, or a dedicated customer service course, having something designed and tailored around your particular needs can be important.

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