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At the Australian Institute of Soft Skills Training (AISS Training), we understand that you need a return on investment for your training dollar.  That's why we've made our courses short, engaging and above all else great value for money. 

We put the human back into human-communications skills training. Hands-on, practical, soft skills training that provides Real Skills for Real People.

Each of our courses can be tailored to your organisation's exact needs and our courses can be run at your offices for a highly interactive session. 

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Credit control skills

It's a customer-centric world, Customer Service is the key to a long-term customer relationship. Trained staff are the key to keeping customers happy.

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Leadership & management skills

Leadership and Management are not the same things. It takes great soft skills to be an effective leader.

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Presentation skills

Future proof your career as this skill cannot be automated and human engagement is what drives innovation and sales!

Receptionist skills

The first direct human experience a customer has with your business is often your receptionist. We equip your receptionist with the skills to be your company's key ambassador.

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Customer service skills

It's a customer-centric world, Customer Service is the key to a long-term customer relationship. Trained staff are the key to keeping customers happy.

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Difficult conversations / Conflict management skills

Fear of conflict leads to more conflict. Having the soft skills to tackle difficult conversations at its source leads to a healthier, more productive workplace.

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Job interview skills

How you present at a job interview is far more important than your qualifications. Employers are looking for excellent soft skills.

Communication skills

Being customer-centric no matter what your business is now key to success. Even with the rise of technology, these skills are not only valid but are in more demand than ever.

Emotional intelligence skills

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they can use that knowledge within their own workplace - or to forward their career.

Strategic thinking skills

In today's business landscape with the rise of AI and automation, the greatest protection an individual or a company can have is the ability to think strategically.

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Sales training (Tailored course)

Sales are the lifeblood of your business - and being able to build and maintain valuable customer relationships sits at the heart of every good sales operation. We give your sales staff the edge they need to thrive.

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The Conflict Resolution course was an excellent investment. I can’t recommend it enough. The facilitator tailored the course to the group as our needs changed throughout the day and everyone was encouraged to contribute. The course content was used as a guide, rather than a textbook and the discussions that resulted felt insightful and very personal. I have no doubt that everyone who attended ended the day with new insights about themselves and new tools to improve their interactions with the people in their lives. The whole experience felt like an organic exploration of how to resolve and mitigate conflict, how each conflict situation is perceived by those involved, and how examining your own perspective in those situations can be a powerful tool for professional and personal life improvement.
Christopher Camp
Training & Professional Development Specialist
I am thankful we approached AISS Training to develop and deliver a soft skills training program for our graduate cohort, including a focus on understanding generational diversity. From the first discussion, it was evident we were partnering with a provider who was respectful and responsive to our needs. The program was facilitated in an enthusiastic and engaging manner with a balanced blend of knowledge and practical components. The facilitator challenged the participants across the two days and provided actionable take-aways in preparation for the next stage of their internal graduate program and careers at Toyota. I highly recommend companies reach out to AISS Training when seeking a solution for a development need.
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
The Strategic Thinking course presented by AISS was a valuable tool for me as a manager. It allowed me the time to recognise my patterns of thinking and planning, along with gaining perspective of my whole team. It was valuable to have feedback from a group outside my own workplace for perspective. Working in a small not for profit is intense with many demands and a desire to do more than we have capacity for leaves little apparent time to spare. Reinforcing the distinction between strategic thinking and strategic planning was particularly powerful and has allowed me to give myself the valuable time to think through what I need to in my workplace without getting caught up in the ‘busy’. This benefits my team and the organisation with clearer ideas and actions for our projects.
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Logo
Josie Charles
Support & Delivery Manager
I found this course very helpful in improving my communication and interaction skills
Queensland Health-1
Great course that changed my whole thinking on leadership and communication with people
Haymes Paint-1
Ritchie - Store Manager
I participated in the AISS Strategic Thinking Skills Course on 30th and 31st July as part of their pilot program. Having never met our facilitator, I was expecting a traditional ‘sit and learn’ style program however I was completely blown away by the dynamic, engaging and hands on learning that I received. Our group was small which made for sound individualised learning as well as group comprehension for the duration of the course. Learning about strategic thinking and strategic planning (and now understanding the vast difference between the two) has been an invaluable experience with unique insights that I have been able to implement straight away at my not-for-profit role. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is in a leadership position or phase in their career and looking to enhance their soft skills in the area of strategic growth.
Rhianna Davies
St John Ambulance
Overall a great course and informative, and a reminder of our responsibilities
Galderma Australia-1
Would love to attend more courses by AISS, as the facilitator offered great overall knowledge - even outside of the course guideline. A great day!
I took your credit control course in August and wow! After attending your course, I had two weeks to meet my $1 million and I just got the results from the collections reporting and...I just hit $1.6 million! Thank you again :)
My ladies certainly indicated to me that they found the course [Credit Control Training] valuable and in particular they we very impressed with the way it was delivered. The facilitator ensured each participant's needs were met. Several of them said it was the best course they have ever attended and are keen to do more courses with your organisation.
De Bortoli Wines Pty Ltd
Accounts Receivable Manager