Difficult Conversations

1 Day Course: 8.30am-4.00pm

Did you know:

- Conflict in the workplace is now a major source of work related  stress and worker's compensation claims.

- Mental health issues are now a larger proportion of work cover claims than physical injuries. 

- Conflict is something that can be managed, but needs to be managed quickly and effectively.

- Conflict resolution tools are no longer an option for businesses, they are mandatory.

With greater emphasis being placed on workplace behaviours, including bullying, harassment and sexual harassment, your staff members and leaders need to be able to recognise the signs and take action to deal with situations, before they spiral out of control.

From this course, all participants will gain the following:

  • The courage to understand that conflict can be positive
  • An understanding of the negative impact of avoiding conflict can have on yourself, your communications and on others communication with you.
  • A full understanding of what constitutes bullying, harassment and sexual harassment including legal definitions
  • The key soft skills and confidence to address conflict in a timely fashion at its source
  • Personal awareness and Emotional Intelligence to modify behaviours within the workplace and create harmonious relationships
  • Awareness and understanding of body language and how body language can be perceived in a positive or negative light
  • An awareness of voice and voice tone and how this can be perceived in a positive or negative light
  • The difference between non-assertive, assertive and aggressive behaviours
  • Positive Strategies to cope with anger and stress
  • Powerful negotiation skills to create lasting and positive outcomes from difficult situations
  • The ability to conduct difficult conversations to achieve lasting positive outcomes

As with all AISS Training courses, there is NO POWERPOINT and the training is hands-on, practical and engaging.

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