Tailored training


Bespoke, client-focused training

Sometimes it’s important to do things in-house. Whether it be sales, team-building, or a dedicated customer service program, having something designed and tailored around your particular needs can be important.

At AISS Training, we understand this, we will send our specialist training consultant to meet with you and do a full soft skills training needs analysis, which we will use to create your bespoke training program.

Your staff will not only gain new skills, but also be engaged in an experience they will never forget. Tailored training brings greater staff retention, productivity and improves the bottom line.

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Executive Coaching

Our one-on-one Executive Coaching package is fully tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to boost your potential.

Coaching can be held on site at your premises, or held at our executive coaching facilities.

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Enjoyed everything - our facilitator was excellent and made the course feel very personal
Excellent - interactive, informative and informal
Every part was relevant - 100%! Great course - has changed my whole thinking on leadership
This course contained exactly what I needed! Kept it lighthearted while still tackling the tough subjects
D. Snow
Enoyed the interaction and relaxed delivery. Not just reading from a manual.
Really enjoyed the engaging approach…Awesome job!
Thoroughly surprised at how much I learnt. Really great training - thank you!
Enthusiastically delivered and tailored to my situation