About Us

AISS Training is Australia's premier dedicated soft skills training group. We bring together experience working with participants from hundreds of companies ranging from some of the world’s largest - through to small-medium sized enterprise (SME). 

Our facilitators and trainers bring a wealth of collective experience to your business, spanning corporate training, communication skills, sales, management and customer service programs.

But it's really all about you

At AISS Training it’s all about you - and how you can best learn the skills you need - to excel at your current job, get a new one or nail that overdue promotion. For business owners it's about helping you gain the skills that will help you profoundly improve the way your business runs.

Our guarantee - we stand by our results!

We are so committed to delivering you and your staff members the best return on investment, that we back our training with a money back guarantee. We understand that choosing a training provider is daunting, so we have made it easy for you.

If your staff member doesn’t come back to you with new improved skills, you can send them to repeat the course with a different trainer, or choose any other course comparable to ensure that they get the outcomes they need.

All our session are PowerPoint free 

We know how mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations can be. And we can't understand how skills that teach humans to connect with other humans can be learnt in front of a computer screen.

We give you skills that anyone can easily use and provide an engaging and fun environment where you can try out your new skills in absolute safety.

What can you expect?

AISS Training believes that soft skills are essentially human skills. Each of our courses are practical, highly interactive and immediately useable. Watch our video to find out more about our unique approach to soft skills training.


Meet the AISS Training team

Our facilitators and senior staff bring together more than 80 years of specialised soft skills experience to benefit you and your business. 

Sharon Bard


Sharon has a wealth of experience in delivering soft skills training. And has completed her Master of Counselling. 

Sharon's communication style is dynamic, informative and engaging. Having spent the last 21 years living and growing a business in South Africa, she brings an international understanding of human relationships, dynamics and communication.

Having grown a successful business in South Africa, Sharon has returned to Australia to be one of our lead trainers and is passionate about imparting great soft skills to others through her training.

Rum Charles

Senior Facilitator

Rum has been delivering soft skills training courses for over twenty years. He has worked with organisations - including multinationals such as Deloitte, EY, ExxonMobil and Met-cash, government institutions and local governments, and SMEs such as Haymes Paint, Mimosa Homes, Henley Properties, Carlisle Homes, and Porter Davis. 

Rum brings a wealth of experience to the training room and specialises in providing enjoyable, high-energy, targeted training experiences. You will emerge from of a session with Rum energised, and equipped with the passion and skills required to  progress your job and career.

Candice Stein


Candice has worked in a variety of industries including Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Health and Retail. 

She is a passionate and committed learning & development professional with over 15 years’ experience in designing, developing, and facilitating learning. With a broad range of skills including group facilitation, stakeholder management and coaching. 

Candice specialises in the area of communication training from listening skills and body language to emotional intelligence and presentation skills. 


Steven Valentine


Steven has worked with organisations in Australia, New Zealand, UK, South East Asia and North America, training and coaching individuals and teams to lead and communicate more effectively, resulting in high performing and self managed teams.

Combined with 15 years experience of soft skills training and facilitation to large and diverse groups, he is able to build immediate trust with individuals to draw out insight, empower, motivate and inspire a collaborative and inclusive approach to learning.

Bruce Hughes


Bruce has worked with the full range of small, medium and large private companies and corporations, financial institutions, retail, local, state and federal governments, elite sportspeople, and professional services firms (lawyers, accountants, bankers).

In a career spanning nearly three decades, he has assisted thousands of people in dozens of organisations in Australia and internationally. He continues to be inspired by the capacity people have, once given the right conditions, to refresh their thinking, and to change their behaviour.

Hear it from our participants

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