About Us

It’s not the WHAT that makes AISS Training different, it’s the HOW and the results from the HOW.

At AISS Training it’s all about you and how you learn the skills you need to do your job, get a new job or run your business.  Soft skills can’t be learned online or by watching a screen, we put the human back into human communication skills

Our courses have NO PowerPoint

Our courses are practical - we use your everyday situations, so you can instantly see how improved soft skills make a real difference to the results you get, be it in customer servicecredit control or leadership and management.

We use everyday language and talk about everyday business scenarios that you deal with in your workplace. We don’t talk at you, we don’t talk to you, we talk with you. By working together, we solve your issues and improve your performance.

By engaging in high impact learning the results happen fast and are long lasting. That’s HOW you get excellent Return on Investment from AISS Training. 

Our Guarantee - We stand by our results! 

We are so committed to delivering you and your staff members the best return on investment, that we back our training with a money back guarantee. We understand that choosing a training provider is daunting, so we have made it easy for you.

If your staff member doesn’t come back to you with new improved skills, you can send them to repeat the course with a different trainer, or choose any other course comparable to ensure that they get the outcomes they need.

What makes us different?

The experience of our facilitators! Between us, we have over 80 years of facilitation experience, where we have worked with hundreds of companies from some of the world’s largest, right the way through to small-medium sized enterprise (SME). Our results are always outstanding, because we take the time to get to know you. Not just what you want to gain from the course, but how you learn.

What does AISS Training stand for?

AISS Training stands for interactive business training, you will never find a PowerPoint in our rooms, ever. We stand for improving your skills and getting the most out of your most expensive assets, your people. Fast and effective training that works.  We are all about creating a fun-filled experience. Our training is interactive, hands-on and practical and will leave you with new skills and new tools which will stay with you forever.

Our Training Team 

AISS Training facilitators and trainers bring a wealth of collective experience; spanning corporate training, communication skills, sales, management and customer service programs. 


Bruce Hughes

Bruce Hughes_AISS
Bruce has worked with the full range of small, medium and large private companies and corporations, financial institutions, retail, local, state and federal governments, elite sportspeople, and professional services firms (lawyers, accountants, bankers).

He has assisted thousands of people in dozens of organizations since he began training in 1992 and continues to be inspired by the capacity people have, once given the right conditions, to refresh their thinking, and to change their behavior.

He has worked in all the capital cities of Australia, and internationally in USA, Germany, UK, Lebanon, Slovakia, India, China, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

He helps people prepare for presentations, deal with difficult conversations, become more fully present, and to communicate clearly, confidently and concisely.

Sharon Bard

Sharon Bard Headshot
Sharon has a wealth of experience in delivering soft skills training.

Her communication style is dynamic, informative and engaging. Having spent the last 21 years living and growing a business in South Africa, she brings an international understanding of human relationships, dynamics and communication.

Having grown a successful business in South Africa, Sharon has returned to Australia to be one of our lead trainers and is passionate about imparting great soft skills to others through her training.

 Rum Charles 
Rum Charles Bio
Rum is a gifted facilitator who has been delivering soft skills training courses for over twenty years.
In that time he has worked with a multitude of organisations from multinationals such as Deloitte, EY, as well as ExxonMobil, Met-cash, right the way through to government institutions, such as local governments and many SMEs, such as Haymes Paint, Mimosa Homes, Henley Properties, Carlisle Homes, Porter Davis, Master Electricians to name a few. 
Rum brings a wealth of experience to the training room and specialises in a providing a training session that is high energy, targeted, but best of an enjoyable experience. You will out of a session with Rum having learned great skills and more importantly motivate your job and career.


Sarah Miatt – Client Relationship Manager

Sarah Miatt - Photo

Sarah is passionate about creating vibrant and positive client relationships.
Sarah brings a wealth of experience to her role having worked as a manager in a professional photography studio, marketed for AGL and recruited staff for Fieldglass, she is also a content writer for an online fashion community.
She takes great care to understand what you are are all about and how we at AISS Training can assist you and your organisation to even higher levels of success. 
She believes it is only through people power that greatness is achieved and by investing in developing soft skills growth can be achieved in all aspects of a persons life, both in the workplace and personal.