Leadership and Management Training

2 Day Course - 8:30am-4.00pm

Leadership - it's all changed. In today's business environment, you could be leading and managing across four generations in your workplace. New skills and methods are now required to get the best out your people.

Soft skills and highly developed enterprise skills are a must to future-proof your role and ensure the success of your company - now and into the future.

This highly interactive and effective 2-day course will give you the emotional intelligence and tools to be a leader to all and improve productivity while creating a happy, balanced workplace.

Key outcomes

From this course, all participants will gain the following:

  • Understanding your leadership style
  • How to gain a leadership and management attitude
  • How to lead inter-generational teams
  • Coaching as a management tool
  • Effective motivational tools
  • Positive communication skills
  • Performance management skills
  • Effective discipline techniques
  • An understanding of sexual harassment and bullying 
  • Delegation skills
  • Time management skills
  • How to prioritise workflow
  • Persuasive communication skills
  • Dynamic people management skills 

As with all AISS Training courses, there is NO POWERPOINT and the training is hands-on, practical and engaging.

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Soft Skills are increasingly attractive to organisations. 

Employers desperately want soft skills – but the workforce hasn’t caught up yet.

Data from Workible and LinkedIn show that 69 percent of HR decision makers in Australia and New Zealand reported that the top reason (45 per cent) they found it difficult to fill leadership roles was due to a lack of soft skills among job applicants.