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Presentation skills have always been an essential skill. As we read less, the ability to present yourself in the right light and to express your idea succinctly and confidently in a verbal presentation is now critical for everyone. 

Even senior executives struggle in this area - with a UK survey suggesting that 52% of senior executives find an excuse to avoid public speaking. Whether you are a senior executive, a seasoned professional, or a start-up, your ability to present may be the thing that determines the success or failure. Are your presentations hitting the mark?

Each of our courses can be tailored to your organisation's exact needs and our courses can be run at your offices with a minimum of 4 attendees to a maximum of 12 to ensure a highly interactive session.

Duration: 2 days 9AM - 4PM

Where: MEL and SYD CBD (details)


Reasons to develop your presentation style

The ability to present open doors in many ways from making a sale to getting promoted.

It's not enough to get up and speak at people. Strong presenters engage their audiences, creating support and enthusiasm for their product, service or idea.

Presenting is now a required skill across multiple industries and job titles, whether you work in sales, accounts, IT or warehouse, you can find yourself needing to give a presentation.  

It has been said that some people would rather face a life-threatening situation than stand up and give a presentation. There's nothing to fear, except fear itself and we help you to overcome that fear. 

Our presentation skills course gives you the confidence, skills and tools to be an outstanding presenter, no matter who you are presenting to. 


Participants in this communications skills course will emerge with the following:

  • Real tools and techniques to control nerves about presentations, public speaking, or in an interview situation.

  • A presentation attitude

  • The skills and tools to construct an engaging presentation, or being engaging at an interview.

  • The ability to construct a meaningful PowerPoint presentation

  • The ability to give a meaningful presentation without PowerPoint

  • Body language techniques to be engaging and persuasive

  • The vocal skills to be able to connect with your audience

  • The ability to sell yourself and ideas to others

  • The practical tools to be able to vary your presentation, depending on your audience and location

  • The ability to deal with troublemakers

  • The skills to recover when things go wrong

  • How to follow-up after delivering a presentation


Upon completion:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full Training Manual for the day and to takeaway

Our training works

We believe that learning - especially for adults - should be relevant and engaging. The content should be immediately useful and use current, real-world examples. It doesn't matter if you have an MBA or left school at year 9 - our courses are accessible and useful to people from different backgrounds and educational levels. 

And like you, we have sat through far too many training sessions that are "death by PowerPoint" - we don't use PowerPoint - our training is hands-on, practical and engaging. 

Presentation Skills - AISS Training

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