Presentation Skills Training

2 Day Course: 8.30am-4.00pm

Presentation skills are one of the most feared activities in business today, there's even a fancy medical term for it - Glossophobia!

Future proof your career or your business by overcoming your glossophobia, as this skill cannot be automated and human engagement is what drives innovation and sales.

Key outcomes

  • Real tools and techniques to control nerves about presentations, public speaking, or in an interview situation.
  • A presentation attitude
  • The skills and tools to construct an engaging presentation, or being engaging at an interview.
  • The ability to construct a meaningful PowerPoint presentation
  • The ability to give a meaningful presentation without PowerPoint
  • Body language techniques to be engaging and persuasive
  • The vocal skills to be able to connect with your audience
  • The ability to sell yourself and ideas to others
  • The practical tools to be able to vary your presentation, depending on your audience and location
  • The ability to deal with troublemakers
  • The skills to recover when things go wrong
  • How to follow-up after delivering a presentation

According to an article in the Australian Financial Review, employees with good presentation skills can earn up to $8K more per year (than those that don't have this soft skill) and they are more likely to be employed. 

As with all AISS Training courses, there is NO POWERPOINT and the training is hands-on, practical and engaging.

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