To train or not to train - that is the soft skills question.

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The world has changed. And no matter how much some may wish it, or others may say it, we are never going back to doing business the way we were doing it in 2019.

How emotional IQ improves the performance of your business

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Emotional IQ has become the new black for business owners and start- ups. Emotional intelligence underpins the self-awareness that is evident in great leaders and involves the ability to accurately perceive emotions with high levels of empathy.

What Are the 6 Best Soft Skills For Job Candidates and Managers

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Employers are now on the lookout for strong soft skills. Do you have what it takes? As the requirements of the workplace change, those job applicants who can most readily display these soft skills are preferred to those who don't.

What Are the 6 Best Soft Skills For Job Candidates and Managers

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Employers are now on the lookout for strong soft skills. As the requirements of the workplace change, those job applicants who can most readily display these soft skills are preferred to those who don't. Employers looking for great managers are increasingly attuned to the signs of managers who can u...

Are soft skills the answer to getting paid on time?

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Polite people don’t talk about money. As Kristin Wong wrote in her New York Times article How to talk about money, “...many of us grow up learning that money is one of a few topics — like politics, sex and religion — that you should avoid in polite company.”

9 Vital statistics that demonstrate the business value of training

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Most employers intuitively know the value of training. However, finding tangible numbers to support the case for increased training can be tough. So, here are nine statistics that highlight the benefits of training and demonstrate the difference that training can make to your business’s bottom line.

Why listening is the ultimate soft skill – and how to be a better leader

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While we might not want to admit it, most of us suffer from an inability to listen effectively. Most of us think we are far better listeners than we actually are. That’s right – you heard correctly - the reality is that most of us are poor listeners.

Entrepreneurs need soft skills to grow with their enterprises

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Entrepreneurialism and innovation are the engine rooms of economic growth. When people think about entrepreneurial skills, we think about product development and pitching - but are we overlooking a vital skillset?

10 great tips for dealing with workplace conflict

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Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. It's the way that you deal with workplace conflict that makes a critical difference to your perception within your organisation and to the overall work environment. Here are 10 important tips to hep manage workplace conflict that can make all the difference.

Star Wars vs Avengers - the disconnect between Millennials and Baby Boomers

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Employee expectations have evolved just as much technology in the last four decades. Manufacturing leaders are no doubt trying to stay ahead, however they are often missing the key ingredient that drives innovation - engaged people.

Soft skills that get you noticed at work

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Getting noticed at work is a challenge - especially if you are not great at self-promotion. Soft skills can help. Here are five soft skills that you can develop quickly, that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Why we need to teach soft skills in every Australian school

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The world is changing more quickly than any of us can imagine. The rapid emergence of machine learning and AI are changing the way we work. For parents, it is hard to prepare future generations with the skills they need – but teaching soft skills in Australian schools plays a critical role.

Why soft skills are essential for university graduate success

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Most university graduates enter the job market full of energy and enthusiasm; only to find that the employment market, and the expectations of employers are very different to what they expected. Soft skills are emerging as the must-have skills for graduate success. How do you stack up?

Soft skills – the secret weapons for getting promoted at work

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Most people approach the opportunity to apply for that work promotion with a mix of enthusiasm and fear. It’s hardly surprising when you consider the process that’s taking place below the surface. But great soft skills can greatly increase your chances of getting promoted at work.

The four top soft skills that employers need right now

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Soft skills are in increasingly high demand with employers and recruiters. As businesses become more agile and task-based skills become increasingly automated, employers are now seeking graduate and experienced candidates with strong soft skills. How do you shape up?

How great soft skills can improve your cash flow today

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Maintaining cash flow and debt collection are constant challenges for small and medium-sized businesses. Australian SMEs are carrying a staggering $76 billion in outstanding invoices. On average, that's around $38,000. Soft skills can provide some surprising ways to drastically improve cash flow.

The top 5 in-demand skills of the future

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Coffee-fuelled cars, firefighting drones, wifi from space. I’m not describing a Scene from Star Wars here - ​these are some possible realities of our future​ - and the future is just around the corner. So what skills will be in demand in this new future? Here are our top 5 picks.

Soft skills – the way to future proof your career against automation

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I’m constantly irked when people say they hate technology and that we are better off living without it. The best bet for surviving an automated future will be to join em’, not beat em’. In this fast-changing employment landscape is recognising the soft skills required to future-proof your career.

The 8 critical soft skill tips you need to make a good first impression

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Meetings are high pressure for everyone. My first meeting ended in my boss excusing himself after I gesticulated so widely that I knocked over an entire pot of coffee. Back then I didn’t know the power of soft skills. Now I do - and you can too. Here are my top eight.

4 soft skill tips to asking for a raise

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Most of us are long overdue for a pay increase. But knowing that doesn’t mean that you will be game enough to sit down with your boss. Try these 4 soft skills to ask for a raise or negotiate a new salary, which can make all the difference.