Credit Control - Tip Three (for getting paid)

By - Admin
30.10.20 11:05 AM

Do you know the difference between aggressive, assertive and non-assertive?

This is an important question for anyone working as an account receivable person / credit controller. You see, a big part of getting invoices paid on time is your voice, your voice has to become an effective tool for encouraging your customers to pay their invoices on time and your voice needs to be used in an assertive manner. When you are assertive people follow your lead and will be guided by you, being assertive creates trust and gives you the authority you need to be taken seriously.


Another aspect of being a good account receivable person / credit controller is maintaining your record keeping, using the CRM software or accounting software correctly. Document, Document, Document.

If you keep accurate records it will stop your customers from trying to trick you are out right lying to you, because they will know that you have documented what they have promised to do and you can refer back to previous conversations and quote their own words back at them, this has a powerful effect on people trying to mislead you.


So sit back and take one-minute to view tip number three in our credit control video training series to help you get your invoices paid on time.


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