Credit Control - Tip Two (for getting paid)

By - Admin
22.10.20 02:48 PM

We are here to help you get paid, whilst maintaining excellent relationships with your customers

What kind of relationship does your accounts receivable team have with your customers? For the most part credit controllers and accounts receivable teams don’t have much of a relationship with customers except to chase them for payment which means in many cases it’s a negative relationship.

We see this as a flawed relationship, wouldn’t it be better for your business and the customer if the relationship between the customer and the accounts receivable team was a positive one?

How about starting the relationship on a positive note and keeping it that way, viewing accounts receivable as part of the customer service process can ensure you not only get paid faster but have a deeper more meaningful relationship with customers.


In this set of short one-minute training videos we will arm you with the skills to make sure your invoices get paid on time every time.

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