Presentation Skills - Tip One

By - Admin
05.11.20 05:02 PM

The eyes have it

Whether you be presenting in person, or in a virtual situation its all about making contact with your audience. Connecting with an audience requires us to show our true selves or put another way, to be authentic. One of the best ways to show our authenticity is to reveal ourselves through our eyes, we do this by looking others in the eye, when we do this, they see our inner selves, which sparks a genuine connection. 


When presenting virtually the lens is the representation of everyone you are speaking with, so the lens becomes their eyes and we must look into that lens and express emotion in the same way we do when we are with people in a physical environment.

So, sit back and take one-minute to view tip number one in our presentation skills video training series to help you connect in the virtual world.

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