Communication Skills Training

According to a recent article in The Conversation, "despite all the hype about STEM skills, occupations requiring communication skills are actually growing the fastest...As our work becomes increasingly technologically enabled, human workers differentiate themselves from machine workers through their ability to connect, communicate, understand and build relationships". Our engaging and enjoyable Communications Skills Training courses give you and your staff the skills you need to thrive in the new economy. 

Do you and your staff communicate effectively? Communication skills are essential for good productivity and company culture at all levels of an organisation. How we communicate often determines the success of any relationship. 

Our communications skills training courses can be tailored to your organisation's exact needs and our courses take place in Sydney and Melbourne, and can be run at your offices with a minimum of 4 attendees to a maximum of 12 to ensure a highly interactive session.

Reasons to build your communication skills

Communications skills are at the heart of every business - and being customer-centric is now key to success.

With the rise of technology, these skills are in greater demand than ever.

To get the best from any technological investment and to create lasting ROI, communication skills and soft skills must be integrated to ensure customer satisfaction is embedded into the culture.

Participants in this communications skills course will emerge with the following:

  • The ability to use soft skills to communicate effectively across - 

    • An intergenerational workforce
    • To the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)
  • The ability to communicate in a non-centralised workplace 
  • The ability to have difficult conversations to reach positive outcomes. 
  • The ability to communicate to senior staff as well as team members. 
  • The skills to be able to explain technical detail in such a way it can be understood by non-technical staff. 
  • The skills to negotiate for positive outcomes

Upon completion:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full Training Manual for the day and to takeaway

Our training works

We believe that learning - especially for adults - should be relevant and engaging. The content should be immediately useful and use current, real-world examples. It doesn't matter if you have an MBA or left school at year 9 - our courses are accessible and useful to people from different backgrounds and educational levels. 

And like you, we have sat through far too many training sessions that are "death by PowerPoint" - we don't use PowerPoint - our training is hands-on, practical and engaging. 

Download your communication skills course guide

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