Customer Service-AISS

It's a customer-centric world, Customer Service is the key to a long-term customer relationship. Trained staff are the key to keeping customers happy.  


Presentation Skills

Overcome the fear and learn to give powerful presentations. That are structured and bring real results. 


Debt Collection- 300px x 99px

Credit Control / Debt Collection takes great soft skills to maintain good client relationships while having your invoices paid on time.

Conflict Large

Fear of conflict leads to more conflict. Having the soft skills to tackle conflict at its source leads to a healthier, more productive workplace. 

Leader and Management - Large-1

Leadership and Management are not the same things. It takes great soft skills to be an engaging, effective leader in the 21st Century. 

Receptionist Enhancement - 300px x 99px

It's not easy juggling the front office, answering calls and generally taking care of all the little things. Having great soft skills is a must for this busy position. 

Sales Training

The lifeblood of any company is sales! In today's business environment sales are all about relationships. It takes great soft skills to build sustainable, profitable relationships with customers.