Interview Skills Training

A recent report by the Foundation for Young Australians, estimated that future Australian workers will make an average of 17 changes in employers, across five different careers over their lifetime. And its not just younger workers. The competitive nature of the employment market means that the ability to interview well in job interviews and performance reviews are now a critical part of career progression. Performing well in interviews is not about luck or natural style. Our Interview Skills training provides you with essential skills and gives you the edge you need. 

When was the last time you invested in yourself and your future?

Duration: 1 Day (details)

Reasons to develop your interview skills

Job interviews can be incredibly stressful - and many normally confident individuals falter under the pressure of an interview situation. If you feel like you are missing out on roles but you don't know why, it just might be your interview technique.

Our interview skills course is designed for anybody who's looking to enter into the workforce, move up in their career, or wants to change jobs. 

How you present at an interview is critical. In today's competitive jobs landscape, employers are looking for excellent soft skills and are actively looking to see how you demonstrate these in your interview. Strong interview skills ensure that you can do yourself and your skills the justice they truly deserve.

With these soft skills, you will stand out from the crowd and get the job you really want.

Participants in this interview skills course will emerge with the following:

  • The soft skills on how to control nerves
  • An understanding of how to dress appropriately for an interview
  • The soft skills to make a positive impression throughout your interview
  • The soft skills to be able to ask targeted questions
  • The soft skills to be able to deliver succinct interesting answers to the interviewer(s) questions.
  • The ability to create a positive narrative and engaging story around your experience, personality and resume/CV. 
  • Excellent body language skills 
  • The soft skills to engage with the interviewer(s) 

Upon completion:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full Training Manual for the day and to takeaway

Our training works

We believe that learning - especially for adults - should be relevant and engaging. The content should be immediately useful and use current, real-world examples. It doesn't matter if you have an MBA or left school at year 9 - our courses are accessible and useful to people from different backgrounds and educational levels. 

And like you, we have sat through far too many training sessions that are "death by PowerPoint" - we don't use PowerPoint - our training is hands-on, practical and engaging. 

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